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Well-Body Care

A clinical setting with rushed visits in cold rooms is not always the most conducive for people to feel cared for by their health practitioners. I love offering people another way to access personal, caring, holistic healthcare in my cozy Arlington, MA clinic. In these appointments we review your medical history, dietary and lifestyle choices, run bloodwork (if necessary or desired), take vitals, do a physical exam including a breast/chest exam and pelvic exam including STI testing and Pap smears. These appointments are an hour long and can be in your home or in my comfy office.

*As Certified Professional Midwife I cannot prescribe anything, including hormonal contraception.

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Intrauterine/ Intracervical Inseminations

There are many different ways to start a family. It’s a joy to help clients at the very start of their parenting journey by being able to offer inseminations services. At our first meeting we will discuss optimizing fertility and some education around tracking your cycles. Then I will be on-call for you around ovulation to help with the insemination process. Ovulating on a sunday?  No problem! Want to conceive a baby in your bed? Great! I can inseminate with sperm purchased from a bank or offer a wash and an insemination if you have access to fresh sperm.

As a Certified Professional Midwife, I cannot prescribe fertility medication such as Clomid or the trigger shot. I also do not have an ultrasound to check for follicle development. I am happy to work with clients on these medications or working with a clinic to offer other fertility optimizations, provided that the other provider is informed that you are doing a home IUI or ICI.

Pregnancy Loss Support

Whether we have met before or not, I can offer you in-home support for the end of a pregnancy. I understand that this can be a tough time when many would like to be in the privacy of their home. Some losses can be particularly difficult and it can be reassuring to have a provider available for questions, support, and assessment of normal. I also offer postpartum follow-up from a holistic point of view.