I could not have felt in better hands…

I am astoundingly grateful to have had the privilege to receive doula support from Tara and Susanna for the birth of my son. From the beginning, when I was in early labor Tara was in touch over the phone, then stopped by for a brief visit offering some comfort measures, and emotional support. As soon as my water broke and contractions seemed stronger Tara was at my house and drove myself and my sister to the hospital, as a single mom this was incredibly nurturing and reassuring to me.

Once we arrived at the hospital Susanna met us there, having just stepped off the plane from a friends wedding. Without a break she jumped into action. Susanna was present with me, supported me during my labor in the birthing tub, she brought her lightness and sense of humor and was creative with her interventions when my labor slowed. My labor lasted three days and Susanna and Tara worked as a seamless team picking up where the other one left off. They were deeply supportive emotionally and physically. I felt super safe with both of them.

I felt comfortable to be myself and follow my own instincts and I trusted their support when it was time for me to make difficult decisions. When an intervention was offered I could think it through with them, was it the right time? the right intervention? what were the pros and cons? They were completely present through the very end and beyond.

Little did I know but Tara was taking notes and right before our post-partum visit Tara emailed me minute by minute notes from the labor that I was then able to reference when documenting my son’s birth story. Also, Susanna followed up with specific recommendations for pelvic floor therapists. I could not have felt in better hands and I could not recommend this doula team highly enough.

– Doula Client of Tara and I

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