From doula to midwife

I had a baby boy last year and I had initially hired Susanna as my doula. I found Susanna to be extremely kind, loving and emotionally supportive. It was obvious that she loved the work she did. I had been getting care at a nearby hospital and having a normal, healthy pregnancy but because of my age, I was labeled “high risk”. In general, going to my hospital appointments was very disappointing as the focus was on how I was “high risk”. In contrast to this, I found my meetings with Susanna to be a breath of fresh air. She was so positive and extremely educated. She seemed to know a lot more than my midwife at the hospital about every pregnancy related question I had and for anything she didn’t know, she was willing to do the research. This is not just a “job” for her, it’s what she wholeheartedly LOVES.

What really struck me was how different it was to see Susanna and how much I would learn from her as well as be left with a sense of peace, calmness and empowerment. It was really a sharp contrast to going to the hospital where the focus was on finding what was wrong or in my case, potential things that could go wrong. While the hospital insisted on more and more tests, Susanna would research what she could, use non-invasive ways to find out information about the baby, and help me with my emotions and nutrition. She taught me exercises I could do to promote a healthy position for the baby, helped me create a birth plan and reviewed natural measures I could take to prepare for labor and delivery.

After spending time with her and seeing how much more I was getting from her than my care at the hospital, I decided to change our plans and have a home birth. I decided this in our 38th week and asked Susanna if she was able to make this work with hardly any notice. She found a fantastic midwife partner and put everything in motion to get me ready for my home birth. There was a lot to do to prepare but she took it all on happily without any complaints or hesitation.I would say my labor was long and intense but every moment of it, I was treated with so much love and compassion. I remember Susanna would sit next to me, encouraging me, telling me I was doing great and really being in tune with me. During those moments when I felt like I was in such a sensitive space, she was able to hold that sacredness and bring me peace and help me keep going. Before the baby was born, I couldn’t imagine giving birth. It felt impossible. I just thought I was too weak. As soon as the baby was born, I remembered saying “I can do anything!”. Those early moments, I really saw how I was reborn into someone much stronger who was able to do anything.

After birth, Susanna encouraged me to take good care of myself (which was tough since I was so focused on the baby) but it was exactly what I needed to hear. The postpartum care was so helpful for me as a first time mom. Susanna was very thorough and really did a great job evaluating baby as well as me. I felt so safe with her and think of her fondly. She helped create a beautiful birth for my child and for this, I will hold her dearly in my heart forever. Susanna is meant for this work and anyone who chooses to work with her will be very lucky and blessed.

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