A patient midwife…

"Susanna did a great job taking care of me and my mommy! While I was being born, just at the beginning of winter, the heat and hot water stopped working in my new/old house. My daddy had to try to fix it, and my mommy wasn’t feeling very good, since she hadn’t had much sleep, and her tummy hurt because I was getting ready to come out. Susanna stayed very calm, even though the whole thing took a long time, and she listened to my heartbeat lots of times to make sure I was doing ok. Since there wasn’t much hot water in the house after my daddy figured out how to fix it, she made sure my mommy was using it just at the right times, when it was most important for me, without making my mommy worried.

In the end, I was SO excited to come out that my mommy had to get some stitches, and Susanna and the other midwife took good care of her and did the stitches while my mommy held me. The next day, when Susanna came to visit us, I was still having trouble figuring out how to get milk, so she told my mommy to call a friend of hers who could help. Before I knew it, I became a master milk drinker!

These days, I eat a lot and sleep a lot, and I’m even starting to smile and babble, when I feel like it. My mommy and daddy tell me that I’m growing very, very fast. I can’t help it! I feel very lucky that my mommy picked such a patient midwife, who made sure we were all doing well before and after I was born, and who didn’t panic, even with all the quirks that came along with my deciding to be born during the only super moon of the whole year!"


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